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Uv Water Treatment Hard Water

HALLETT™ SYSTEM’S PATENTED CROSSFIRE TECHNOLOGY …water with hardness of greater than 7 grains. Iron content in water is a complicating factor; the more iron present in the water chemistry, the more rapidly all minerals precipitate and bio-film forms to coat quartz tubes. (Please see Fouling of UV Lamp Sleeves: … Document Viewer QUIKRETE Debuts New… Read More »

Hard Water Orange Stains

OCt 2008 Sheet – ConcreteScope This data sheet sets out procedures for removing common stains from concrete surfaces. For advice on general cleaning, see Data Sheet Cleaning … Retrieve Here Hard Surface CleanerAnd hard water stains: Add one ChemPack to two gallons of water. Mix well. Mop a gener-ous solution onto floor. Pickup with mop… Read More »